Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lineup chica malay

Setelah majlis musyawarah oleh beberapa org senior player vandy fc (Malay fc), di bawah adalah line up yg terbaik untuk Malay FC dan Chica FC untuk season intramural tahun ini. Tujuan kita menyertai intramural seperti biasa adalah bagi exposure ataupon real game experience untuk player vandy FC menjelang Midwest games.

Pembahagian player untuk Chica FC dan Malay FC mmg sgt susah memandangkan tahun ini terlalu ramai orang nak main. Kami beberapa kali menukar combination player dalam Malay FC mahupon Chica FC. Akhirnya kami sebulat suara merasakan line up di bawah adalah yg terbaik untuk kedua-dua pasukan. Dengan barisan kemungkinan first 9 untuk Vandy FC kebanyakannya main untuk Malay FC, harapkan tinggi diletakkan kepada Malay FC supaya dapat membalas dendam final tahun lepas dgn menjadi champion untuk League B. Sementara itu Chica FC pula membariskan ramai pemain berpengalaman dgn harapan mampu membawa stability kepada pasukan chica seterusnya mampu untuk menakluk League C pada tahun ini.

Tidak lupa juga kepada pasukan2 lain yg bertanding seperti STB, Felda, 3PM, MSA, Son Of Adam (SOA), good luck diucapkan kepada anda semua, diharapakan semua pasukan bermain dengan penuh semangat kesukanan dan berjaya mencapai matlamat masing2.

Sekian, Majulah Bola Untuk Vandy!

(P/S : shah sebenar cakap bkn dia dekat chat box tu)


1 Jerry Baryeh Yirenkyi
2 Sam abu samah
3 Shah
4 Khairi
5 hafiz
6 Haniff Higuain
7 rhuee
8 izwan
9 salmaskulin
10 Amad
11 hasan
12 muhaimin
13 Hafiz sophomore
14 syahirul
15 shazwen
16 Shahmi


Ahmad --- Izwan --- Sam

--- Shah --
-- Hasan ---
Aniep ------ Salman


Subs: Rhuee, Billy Joe, Wanshah, Khairi, Muhaimin, Hiro,Hafiz Tay


1 tariq lopez
2 Hadi
3 topeq
4 mafa
5 Ganu
6 hanis
7 Adil
8 zulhelmi
9 Syamir
10 fatih
11 Haziq
12 shawn
13 jobol
14 Luqman
15 nasir
16 Lah
17 Hannan
18 Bambil
19 Afiq(C)


Hadi --- Bambil --- Luqman

--- Nasir --
-- Lah ---
Afiq ------ Jobol


Subs: Tariq,Topeq,Ganu,Zulisk,Hanis,Mafa,Adil,Syamir,Fatih,Haziq

*Nama player diambil dari Google spreadsheet. Siapa rasa ada org lain letak nama dia tapi die tak nak main pun, bagitau khairi. siapa rasa tak puas hati (tak cukup main ke, main byk sgt ke, injured ke, penat ke, position xsesuai ke) bleh bitau khairi gak.


IM Schedule is out!

Ni ha summary jadual IM utk team2 yg related to bdak melayu. tapi ni aku bubuh main nk cepat je so rajin2la bukak full schedule utk each group (ade kat bawah summary ni). Couple things to note:
-3pm bukan under women, die under co-rec.
-felda satu group ngan SOA hahaha

24-Mar-10 8:00PM Wed
28-Mar-10 4:00PM Sun
31-Mar-10 9:00PM Wed
07-Apr-10 9:00PM Wed
11-Apr-10 5:00PM Sun
13-Apr-10 7:00PM Tue

21-Mar-10 1:00 PM Sun
28-Mar-10 1:00 PM Sun
01-Apr-10 7:00 PM Thu
08-Apr-10 8:00 PM Thu
11-Apr-10 3:00 PM Sun
15-Apr-10 7:00 PM Thu

21-Mar-10 3:00 PM Sun
25-Mar-10 9:00 PM Thu
28-Mar-10 2:00 PM Sun
01-Apr-10 9:00 PM Thu
08-Apr-10 9:00 PM Thu
11-Apr-10 3:00 PM Sun

22-Mar-10 5:00 PM Mon
29-Mar-10 5:00 PM Mon
31-Mar-10 5:00 PM Wed
05-Apr-10 5:00 PM Mon
07-Apr-10 5:00 PM Wed
12-Apr-10 5:00 PM Mon

22-Mar-10 8:00 PM Mon
24-Mar-10 8:00 PM Wed
29-Mar-10 9:00 PM Mon
06-Apr-10 9:00 PM Tue
11-Apr-10 5:00 PM Sun
13-Apr-10 5:00 PM Tue

22-Mar-10 9:00 PM Mon
23-Mar-10 8:00 PM Tue
28-Mar-10 5:00 PM Sun
30-Mar-10 9:00 PM Tue
04-Apr-10 6:00 PM Sun
11-Apr-10 4:00 PM Sun

22-Mar-10 5:00 PM Mon
29-Mar-10 8:00 PM Mon
31-Mar-10 6:00 PM Wed
05-Apr-10 9:00 PM Mon
07-Apr-10 9:00 PM Wed
12-Apr-10 9:00 PM Mon

Full schedule for each team (click team to view):

kalo xcaye gak kat mende2 aku kasi tu, mane la tau ade tukau mase ke ape ke,


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bring it on IM outdoor 2010!

Real Madrid elimination from CL before quarter finals in 6 consecutive years was a big blow to the whole Vandy Malay community. Of course we are all sad but sadness alone won't bring anything significant to the table. With the intramurals around the corner, I'm sure all of us would like turn the tide around...the corner. The venue for this year's intramural finale is at home so our situation is ironically too similar to Real Madrid's only that we still have the chance to exhibit our football on our own turf in front of our own fans in the finale. Well, the tournament hasn't even started yet. Actually this is only a preview of things to expect when the show begins. With the likes of Shah and Khairi as captains (let them fight over who has more power than the other), we might be able to erase last year's painful memory of the disputed golden goal. Some say that it was a handball but I would only blame myself for lack of concentration in the dying minutes of the added time.

I consider our squad as strong in every department. The defence will be bolstered by the surprise inclusion of Sam (a.k.a bigman- pronounced as 'man' in Luqman), the former Landmine ace. Jerry will again be the difference maker in the final third. With those two in disposal I guess our half-time teamtalk will be in English. We have our own Higuain in Haniff but let's hope he doesn't do a Higuain during the important stages of the much anticipated tournament. As one of the best strikers around, I'm sure if he was in Higuain's shoes, he would've blasted the freaking ball home after he rounded the Lyon goalkeeper, not just hitting the post while preparing for celebration that never materialized. Haniff will bamboozle the opponent's defence no problemo IMO. Most of our players are versatile and capable of filling the midfield role, so we won't have any problem spreading the ball from the middle of the park.

Shah said he is having hard time deciding the team roster for the coming tournament. So whatever the result may be, don't blame him. Just blame the Rec center. but if you decide put the blame on him, don't forget that Khairi has his fair share of blame as well.

The Malay/partially Malay teams this time:

freshmen league: Felda United (freshies)
C league: STB (sophs), Chica (mix), Sons of Adam (mix)
B league: Malay (mix)
A league: MSA (mix)
All-girls-league (or sth): 3pm (girls)

*The teams that Khairi and Shah have power over are only Chica and Malay.

Here's to a good game and good turnout - tiru AZA


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quarterfinal Preview: vs. Warlocks/Team Mulla

Date: 8th April 2009, Wednesday
Kick-off Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Intramural Playing Fields
Jersey: Spain (Away)

**UPDATE - We're playing Scoregasm instead. Sorry for misinforming.**

We've not been having match previews and match reports for the past few weeks, and I on the behalf of the 'At Vandy' contributors would like to deeply apologize. It has been a hectic few weeks, what with the semester closing up and everything - and that should always take precedence over football. A lesson to note for others hopefully.

Malay FC finished the 'B Gold' league with four wins and one draw. That meant we top the group and will play in the quarterfinals on Wednesday, the 8th. Finishing top of the group implied a technically easier tie in the quarterfinals, namely the fourth team of league 'B Black'. The second team in league 'B Gold' plays the third team in league 'B Black' and so forth. As the games are not yet completed in the 'B Black' league, we're still left uncertain as to whom we'll face. There are two possibilities - Warlock and Mulla's fraternity/arab team; their names absent from memory. Both ties are tricky as Chica FC might testify. Warlocks was the team that had huge players and defeated Chica FC on Chica's first game. On the other hand as with Mulla's fraternity - most of us have played against the middle east students to know the tremendous quality they possess.

As always, Malay FC would play following the same game plan we've had throughout the tournament. There are no injuries reported except that our goalkeeper Hafiz looks to suffer from a slight flu. We also welcome back the service of Jerry after being away for the last game against El Turcos. So the team formation looks set viz:


Dollah --- Izwan --- Amar

--- Shah --
-- Hasan ---
Aniep ------ Baba


Subs: Hafiz, Billy Joe, Nasir, Khairi, Salman

Weather forecasts have tomorrow as sunny with a high of 18 deg C and low of 4 deg C. As we'll be playing at 8:00 it might be a little chilly so everyone is advised to have on sufficient outerwear. We're heading into spring semester crunch time so it might be tricky for people to show up, but again any form of support is highly welcomed. To that note I wish everyone a good end to the semester - there's not even 3 weeks left so let's get our acts together and make that first step towards finishing strongly. Good muslims are those who are balanced in everything they do, so apart from being good at football/cheering, let's all strive for academic excellence as much.

Till tomorrow, salam wrwb.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sekali lagi para pemain turun padang pada petang 25 Mac. Membawa semangat setinggi gunung Ledang. Akan tetapi pihak lawan pula yg tidak menghadirkan diri. Sungguh hampeh mereka itu. Jadi Kami telah menang tanpa bertanding. Bapak boring!

Perlawanan akan datang ialah insyaAllah pada 30 Mac akan datang pada pukul 7 mlm menentang BYX. Nama team pon dah mcm nama basikal. Jadi kami membayangkan mereka ini pantas2 belaka. Jadi saya selaku salah seorang pemain mengharapkan kemenangan buat Petronas fc pada perlawanan yg akan datang ini. Berikut merupakan statistik jaringan gol sepanjang tiga perlawanan :

rhuee = 4 gol
ikhwan = 1 gol
nihat = 1 gol
paan = 1 goal

Pujian yg amat tinggi dan ucapan terima kasih pada semua penyokong yg tidak putus2 hadir ke setiap perlawanan kami. Semangat mereka semua boleh dikatakan menandingi semangat para pemain sendiri. Terima kasih tidak terhingga...

sekian..Majulah sukan untuk negara yg tercinta..


Pada petang 23 Mac kami telah bertemu dengan The Knockouts untuk perlawanan kami yg kedua. Akan tetapi kami telah kalah 2-0 (aduhai). Permainan agak menarik pada separuh masa pertama tetapi para pemain Petronas fc menjadi goyah pabila pihak lawan berjaya menjaringkan goal pertama.

Hari menjadi lebih sakit buat Petronas pabila sekali lagi pihak lawan menjaringkan gol kedua. Penyerang Petronas Fc iaitu rhuee tidak dapat berbuat apa kerana dia telah di jaga oleh tiga orang pemain pertahanan pihak lawan (alasan). Para pemain menjadi penat kerana kekurangan stamina. Ditambah pula ketinggalan 2-0.

Pengajaran yg dapat diambil di sini ialah kita perlu bersemangat waja. Walaupon ketinggalan kita tidak boleh berputus asa.. Majulah sukan untuk negara...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game 3 preview: vs Galaxy

Date: Sunday, 22nd March 2009.
Kick-off Time: 3:00pm
Venue: Intramural Playing Field 3
Jersey: Spain (Away)

I apologize for the deficiency of a match report for Game 2. I'm usually responsible for the previews but regardless there should not be any excuse. We won the match 1-0 thanks to a goal from Jerry, but could've, and should've won by a greater margin due to the number of chances carved out. Our right back is particularly guilty of a really bad miss, shame on him. That said the team have trained on Friday night and hopefully that should transform their finishing a bit more sharp and clinical.

Our next opponents are potentially dangerous, on paper at least. They, along with El Turcos and ourselves have been 100% in winning all their games. Some of the players seem to remember them from last year, which they claim we beat them then, albeit none of us remembering the final score. However that should not get into the minds of the players for if we feel too confident it usually leads to complacency and a terribly lax attitude. The team should go out once more and play their usual style of football - keeping possession, defending as a unit, you all probably know that by now. No injuries are reported although some of the players have taken knocks during training (Abdullah, Hafiz), and some of the players might have other commitments as well (Amar). So the team might go out with possibly the following plan:

Shawn (or Hafiz, depending)

Nabil (or Dollah, depending) --- Izwan --- Billy Joe (or Amar, depending)

--- Shah --
-- Hasan ---
Jerry --------- Baba


Subs: Nasir, Khairi, Afiq, Adre, Salman

There was a really good turnout last time around, we, the players really appreciate it. We controlled the tempo of the game throughout, and had numerous shots on goal, albeit not finishing most of them. So we should stick to our usual style for this game and hope for better finishing insyAllah. The game's at 3:00pm, on a Sunday on top of that so it might be difficult for most to show up. But do note any support is highly welcomed :).

Till tomorrow, here's to a good game and a good turnout. Salam wrwb.